Making Mobile Photography Easy and Fun

LightX is an advanced photo editor that provides awesome tool to blend or merge photos

Seamlessly Blend images using LightX app

LightX app is an advanced photo editor that provides multiple tools to blend photos, cut outs or preset images to create surreal photo effects on mobile. This photography tutorial focuses on steps to blend two photos to create awesome effects … Continue Reading


Curve adjustment is a very powerful tool for color correction or adding creative contrast in an image. This tutorial will help learn how to use Curves for color correction and adding creative contrast in an image using LightX. Curves adjustment helps … Continue Reading

Color Splash

Color Splash is a power tool to emphasise foreground and back ground objects in an image by modifying foreground and background object in image. Color splash helps in differential modification of foreground and background rather than applying a global adjustment … Continue Reading

Apply Level using LightX app

Levels adjustment is used to adjust tonality and color balance of an image in shadows, mid tones, and highlights intensity levels. Level is mostly used to adjust contrast and color correction in an image. This is one of the most … Continue Reading